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Find out more information about how to participate in our programs, by becoming a student, mentor, or mentor-in-training. Please read through this important information before beginning your application.


Due to COVID-19 restrictions, some countries are not open to tourism, so our programs are currently on hold and new applications are not being accepted. We will resume our programs as soon as we can.

Student Application Details

Become a Student Ambassador

Students, ages 15+, are encouraged to apply to the POWER OF ONE PROGRAM. This is a unique opportunity for a young person to see and experience things previously unbelievable to them. Our students make new friends from all over the world, experience different cultures and live the life of service during this trip; all the while learning about themselves, gaining insights into their goals, ambitions, world views and morals.

Students chosen to attend the POWER OF ONE must exhibit drive and dedication to education, a willingness to be open minded and an enthusiasm for life and for this opportunity. Many POWER OF ONE youth accomplish goals upon their return from Thailand that they did not previously envision within their reach. It is absolutely inspiring to be a part of what our students bring to this Program and to see Thailand and this new world they are experiencing through their eyes!


  • This program serves students, ages 15+.
  • Students will be selected from all over the world, representing many nations, cultures and religions.
  • By living and working together for three weeks in service to local villages, the students will research, participate in and explore solutions to global/local issues. Places, people, and situations become real and not just an abstract place on the globe.
  • Our Student Ambassadors will volunteer for such projects as helping schools, literacy projects, volunteering with environmental and conservation projects or working with animal sanctuaries. Learning and working together through service to the local community creates and strengthens the connections between people, cultures and religions.
  • Students will work with our curriculum throughout the experience, exploring such topics as non-violent communication, leadership skills, conflict resolution, behavioral/ cultural differences, ecological sustainability, exposure to world situations and alternatives. They will combine a “hands on” experience with a rigorous academic program.
  • Blue Star will introduce and involve other inspirational people we encounter during our stay-professionals in the fields of interest for our Student Ambassadors and other remarkable individuals who can mentor our students.
  • Our students will develop and present school assembly programs to local school children. These programs are for the purpose of educating and fostering global awareness and will call upon the various experiences of our Student Ambassadors.
  • Follow-up activities, program and plans will be designed to support our Student Ambassadors once they have returned to their home countries. All of our Student Ambassadors return to their home countries with an ACTION PLAN! This gives them direction, focus and inspiration to bring what they have learned home and put it into action in their own lives, communities and world!
  • Blue Star Student Ambassadors will have an opportunity to recognize that their own unique skills and contributions could have global impact, hence, “The Power of One.”

Mentor Application Details

Become a Mentor

Adult Mentors are vital to this program. Mentors bring their gifts, talents, wisdom and experience to our youth.

Our Mentors support the program goals and help guide our Student Ambassadors and ensure the safety of all. Our Mentors are a model for the ideals that the program strives to foster in our students.

Like our students, the Mentors will also have a journey of a lifetime. We take the selection of Adult Mentors very seriously and the individuals chosen do not take on this responsibility lightly.

If you are interested in becoming a part of this unique volunteer experience, please fill out our free online application to be considered. We hope to hear from you!


  • Mentors must be willing to submit to a background checks.
  • Mentors must willingly and openly provide all medical information and physical issues that may need to be accommodated for upon our travels. This is to ensure the Mentor’s safety as well as to ensure that they will be able to support the students as needed on this journey.
  • While we absolutely want our Mentors to have their own wonderful experience, we need Mentors who enter this program who are dedicated to the STUDENTS and their needs. The students must always and at all times be the number one concern of the staff and Mentors.
  • We may call upon our Mentors to attend meetings and training prior to the trip. We realize that not everyone is local and lives are busy. We ask that Mentors attend as many meetings and trainings as possible. Those who are able to go through the training will be invaluable to new Mentors who have not had the benefit of training.
  • The Mentor team is a family. Travelling can be tough, mentoring teens can be tough and issues come up for everyone at various times. We hope that our Mentors will enter into this experience willing to provide support to each other and to be open about any issues that arise; within themselves, with students, other Mentors, staff or any physical discomforts that are making the journey difficult. It is absolutely imperative that we have an “open door” policy toward communication and no subject is off limits! This attitude has proven to help everyone to have a great experience and feel supported throughout this Program!

Application Documents

You can use our online form below to apply, but if you’d prefer to print out the application and fill it out on paper, you can download the Student Application, the Student Questionnaire, the Mentor Application, and the Mentor Questionnaire here.