Help Power of One Grow!

Without the financial contributions of our supporters, mentors and sponsors The Power of One would not exist. We have so many hopes for this program; expansion, expansion, expansion! We want to help more students, visit more countries and form more scholarship programs. We extend our infinite gratitude to the many who make The Power of One possible. With your help we can continue to grow…

Blue Star of Hope is an IRS-recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, making your contributions tax deductible.

Donations can be made through Paypal, or by credit card via Paypal.

Thank you for your generosity!


All of our Thai students are sponsored to the Power of One program. Without the support of sponsors these students would not have this opportunity. Without our Thai students, the program would not be what it is. The cost to send a Thai student on the program is $1,700 U.S. A contribution of any amount is welcome.

The Blue Star of Hope is working diligently to enhance our scholarship opportunities to The Power of One program. Until that time, the staff can offer many fund raising ideas and suggestions to students interested in joining the program.

The Higher Education Fund

Blue Star of Hope values education and hopes for ALL of our students the opportunity to continue their studies. We began our quest to fund university education for Thai students by sponsoring one young man several years ago. He has now graduated and works as an engineer. Since then we are able to sponsor between 4-7 students at a time to attend university. This is an opportunity that these kids would not have otherwise. We continue to increase these numbers and help as many students as possible achieve their dreams. Because university education is so much more affordable in Thailand, this is something we can do that changes the course of the student’s life. We would love to extend this opportunity to our western (U.S./Canadian) students and continue to explore ways that we can expand the Higher Education Fund to a wider scope.

TEACHING IN THAILAND: Blue Star of Hope has arranged the chance for former students to return to Thailand and teach in one of our sponsored high school in the south of Thailand. In any given school year, we have 2-5 American students taking time from their studies to learn from this rich immersive experience.

SCHOLARSHIPS TO POWER OF ONE PROGRAM:  To ensure that we have a rich and full program, we sponsor all of the Thai and South African students to participate in The Power of One. They do not have the financial means to do this otherwise. Without these amazing human beings, the program would not be what it is; they are one of the most integral parts of the program. But, there is plenty of need right here at home. We meet students all of the time who would love to come but cannot afford to. We always help our U.S. students fund raise for their trip fees, but recently we have been able to offer stipends and small scholarships to western students to help them in reaching their dream to travel to Thailand. We hope that this fund will only continue to grow.

SOUTH AFRICAN STUDENTS TO THAILAND: Each year we bring a team of South African students to Thailand from our other volunteer site, which is an orphanage near Johannesburg, South Africa. Without fail, The Power of One experience changes their lives and opens their eyes to a world they had no idea existed. When the Botshabelo students reach age 18, they have been provided a very rudimentary education and very little vocational or life skills. Thus, it is extremely difficult for them to find a place outside of the orphanage to grow, create, advance, excel, dream, get a job and live. Our greatest hope is that we may find ways to help them in their next steps as they grow out of the security and safety of the orphanage that has raised them. Lack of education, visa issues and funding continue to be the challenge. We have started a pilot program of bringing South African students to Thailand to either attend university or teach English in primary or high schools. Our first student has been a success beyond measure and an inspiration for us to do everything we can to continue this program. Providing job skills, life skills and further education could completely change the chances of success upon returning to South Africa.