Our Organization “At A Glance”

by admin on July 29, 2011

Our Mission:

The Power of One is devoted to the idea that “one person can make a difference!” Our programs are geared toward education and foster global understanding, celebrate multi-culturalism, and promote a consciousness of peace and empowerment while supporting economic prosperity, social progress, ecological integrity and equality for everyone on this planet. By inviting youth to participate in our service learning projects, we encourage, support and train young adults to take their places in the world as our future leaders with consciousness and vision.

Our Programs:

We live in a rapidly changing world, one that demands creative and innovative solutions for building a sustainable quality of life, education, and economic prosperity for all people and creatures. The programs created by Blue Star of Hope serve that purpose.


A service program offered each year to students from all over the world and adult mentors in Thailand from Dec. 27-Jan. 15. During three weeks of travelling together we volunteer and live for eight days at a model Asian Elephant Sanctuary, teach English at local schools, bring supplies to Burmese refugee camps, paint murals at rural schools, clean up littered beaches, visit traditional Thai Hilltribe villages, swim, shop, bathe elephants, and immerse ourselves in the rich and generous Thai culture. Click here to read more.


For two weeks each year (July 24-Aug 7) Student Ambassadors and Adult Mentors from around the globe travel to South Africa where we live and work with the children and teens of an AIDS orphanage at Botshabelo Children’s Village. During this time we also volunteer at a Rhino and Lion Sanctuary and visit an African Game Reserve in hopes of seeing more of the majestic African animals. Click here to read more.


The Higher Education Fund:

We offer scholarships to high school and university for our international students to help them achieve their goals of higher education that would be completely out of their reach without the support of the Blue Star of Hope.
The Mentor In Training Program (MIT):
A program developed by BSOH for our returning students and those ages 18-22. During our trips we offer this opportunity to these students as way for them to develop their leadership potential. MIT students are placed in various roles of leadership and empowerment offering them the chance to mentor younger students and realize their potential, skills and contributions. Click here to read more.


We are constantly brainstorming new programs and ways to improve our existing programs. We are always looking for the next volunteer site to develop! We aggressively fundraise throughout the year to have the means to support these programs. The main area of development that we are continuously working on is the expansion of our sponsorship of students to attend the Power of One and the Higher Education Fund which provides scholarships to high school and college students; in hopes that we can offer even more educational opportunities to ALL of our students! You can help!

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