Testimonial: Bank


“Bank” Thamanoon Wattanaprida

Bank Thamanoon WattanapridaThapsakae, Thailand — Student Ambassador, Power of One Thailand, 2007

In 2008, I had a chance to join Power of One Program with my two friends from Thapsakae Wittaya School. It was the first time for us to fly and to go to Chiangmai. It may be the first and the last time for us in our life. Because we don’t have more money to go by plane. At the camp, I appreciate the words “friends” and “love” from different culture, different language, and different country.

I’m in broken home. After I graduated grade 12, I don’t know what to do for my future because I don’t have money to study. I can pass the exam to the university. I was confused and serious. Fortunately, Ajan Benchawan told me that Juelle and Dono give me the scholarship, 50,00 baht a year for 4 years. The first time, I thought that I dreamt because they will give me 200,000 baht for my studying in 4 years. It’s a lot of money. They are foreigners and I never give them anything. But it’s not a dream, on May 19 2009, Juelle wired me 50,000 baht.

Now I can study in the university because of Power of One. And this year Power of One helps my junior ( Pok, Power of One 2010 ) too. It’s good luck for us. Every 2 weeks, I email to Juelle and Dono. I feel that Juelle is my mom and Dono is my dad. Power of One is my family. No One gives me like this before. I appreciate, grateful and thankful to Power of One. I have a new life and good future because of Power of One. If there isn’t Power of One, I won’t have a chance to study. Power of One fills love and happiness in my heart and make me happy. I have a good day and happiness time because of Power of One.

I’m very glad to be one of Power of One. This Program gives me the best experience, friendship,and my good future. I promise to do the good things, make peace, make friends, and help the people every time and every where I can. If I can ask only one thing for Buddha, I will ask him to pray for Power of One family to be bigger and bigger, to make peace, and love to the world forever. Thank you for everything that Power of One gives to me and my friends.

Just because we are different nationalities doesn’t mean that we should ignore one another. Even though our cultures are different, we can still come together, love each other and be united.

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