Testimonial: Caryn August


Caryn August

My son, Jordan’s, experience on the Power of One trip was life altering. Jordan was just getting ready to turn seventeen when he embarked on his Thailand adventure. He had requested that he wanted to do something “out-of-the-box” for his birthday. This certainly was out-of-the-box for him.

Jordan has suffered from anxiety and depression for the past few years. His disability limited him from attending traditional public high school. With the help of a supervised online high school program, therapy and support groups, Jordan felt he was at a point in his life where he was emotionally stable enough to try this adventure of a life time. As his mother, I had some apprehension of him taking on such a daunting trip; however, knowing he would be going with Juelle, Donovan, and Christian, their daughter and my personal friend, I knew he would be in safe and trusted hands.

Jordan prepared for the trip physically, emotionally, and spiritually. What he experienced in Thailand was truly life changing: increased confidence, awareness, self esteem, friends, philanthropy, and an appreciation that he lives in an extravagant Western country.

I believe the trip expanded Jordan’s horizons literally and figuratively. Even though Jordan has traveled extensively with family, this was the first time he was traveling with strangers who quickly became lifetime friends. The bonding experience Jordan had with the other students and adult mentors has continued beyond the end of the trip. This was the trip of a lifetime for Jordan that has extended way beyond the time he spent in Thailand, and he will forever cherish his adventure.

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Caryn August

Caryn August

Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

Mother of Jordan August, Student Ambassador