Testimonial: Cristi Benevides


Cristi Benevides

Thailand has always been on the top of my list as places to see. When I heard about the Power of One trip to Thailand, I was all in, especially after meeting Juelle and Donovan, the masterminds behind the program. (Wait till you meet these two – they’re amazing!) Their vision and purpose is simple. The program is designed to bring people together, to open your minds and hearts to different cultures and have fun doing it! When I set off on this venture, I had no idea I would get to meet so many incredible people and share so many unique experiences. From the very beginning, you’re completely taken care of and you know you’re in good hands (just watch out – they try to feed you too much).

Some of my favorite moments were New Year’s Eve in Chiang Mai and setting off the traditional Thai lanterns into the sky. ..Hanging out with the elephants at the nature park and remembering how much I love to work with my hands on a peaceful afternoon. ..Having a blast shopping at the night market. ..Visiting historic temples and Buddhas. ..Walking among the trees with our monks to protect the forest, learning about conservation in the most appreciative and spiritual of ways. On this trip, you not only get to travel to one of the most beautiful countries in the world, but you walk away with a sense of fulfillment and renewed energy. It was an amazing experience that I’ll never forget and look forward to going again!

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Cristi Benevides

Cristi Benevides

Denver, Colorado, USA

Mentor, Power of One Thailand, 2009