Testimonial: Jordan August


Jordan August

Never have I spoken so clearly. Never have I slept so well. My mind was at ease. Everything in my surroundings felt so right and complete. After an amazing sleep in an indescribably hearth away from home, I arose from my bed and tried not to step on all the peacefully sleeping dogs. I proceeded outside where I opened the door and saw Max, my boy, in the distance. He was resting up against a tree. The air was cold, but it was soothing. I put on my sweatshirt and could not stop staring at max and everything around me. Oh, by the way, Max is a mega tall elephant. Anyway, I went for a walk while some were still sleeping. The sun was coming up so the chickens were getting ready to wake everyone. I didn’t mind the chickens. They fit the atmosphere. I was in the hut furthest away from breakfast. I never looked down at the ground while I was walking.

This was weird because I do that all the time in the US. I suppose it’s because I didn’t have lush green trees covered in mist to look at, or anything exciting for that matter. I saw a mahut who had his hat down over his eyes and was resting up against a tree; just like Max. I passed all the elephants. They all looked so calm, peaceful and comfortable. Honestly, it was like a journey every morning. It was so beautiful and serene. All the colors were so lavish. The elephants were so gorgeous and magnificent. They were such ethereal beings. To touch the rough skin and to stroke the coarse hair of one was thought to be surreal. I couldn’t imagine where I was. I knew where I was. I was home.

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Jordan August

Jordan August

Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

Student Ambassador, Power of One Thailand, 2008