The Awakening

by Natalie Sinton on February 19, 2013

Thailand awakens the spirit, it’s something that just happens when you visit. Even if you’re used to living a vibrant, positive and fulfilling lifestyle, you will be astounded at how open your heart becomes being in such a magical country. Especially when you participate in the amazing Power of One┬áprogram because this experience not only gives you a glimpse of Thailand the country but an opportunity to BE a Thai. Living, loving and experiencing new things with Thai people.

Thai and American students become very close friends! Thai students at the Children’s Day festival at Ban Wang Yang School Prayer bells hanging all around Doi Suthep Temple The sunsets are amazing!


I’ve been to Thailand before, and LOVED it. I fell in love with the culture, food, and people. But I realized how little I got to experience the first time I went there, after being a mentor for the Power of One program. Going with this group is the perfect way to experience Thailand the way it should be experienced, beside native Thai students and teachers who learn just as much as you do.


There’s never a shortage of Temple dogs that steal your heart! Power of One students just spending time together.


From living and working with the elephants at the Elephant Nature Park, to the most beautiful and serene Thai Temples such as Doi Suthep, to the beach villages of Southern Thailand where you work with local schools….there is never a dull moment. Quite the opposite as even when you are given down time between activities your body, mind and spirit crave more – even if it’s a nap! You learn something new every day, something about Thailand and probably something about yourself. I found a part of me I had never met before during my trip, which was surprising as I’ve always been rather sure of myself and who I am.┬áThis experience has been a life changer for me. Are you ready to change your life?






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