Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Common Questions

Want to know more about how our programs work? You’ve come to the right place! Here are some answers to questions we often get. If these don’t answer your question, please contact us and we’ll get back to you.

  1. How much does the program cost?
    Program fees vary depending on which program you choose. The program fee for South Africa is $1,750, which does not include airfare. The program fee for Thailand is $1,700 and does not include international airfare. These costs include nearly all meals, all accommodations, park fees, and transportation/airfare within the country. Airfare to each country depends on timing and the year we are going. It is always best to book as far in advance as you are able to get the best possible airfare.
  2. What if I cannot afford to participate in the Power of One?
    Often, your school or community will have scholarships and grants available for travel and service projects. We can help you find these programs. We also have tons of fund-raising ideas that we pass along to all of our students and mentors. Just ask us and we will get you started! The sooner you start fund-raising the better chance you have of meeting your goal.
  3. What vaccinations are needed?
    No vaccinations are needed for Thailand. Some people take the Malaria pills, but we find it unnecessary and do not recommend it. If your loved one travels often, the Hepatitis vaccination is a good thing to have. It is a series of three shots that must be administered at certain times before and after travel. It will be good for life. Contact your local Department of Health and ask to speak with the International Vaccination Clinic. A current Tetanus vaccine is also recommended and can be administered by your regular physician.Yellow Fever, Typhoid and a current Tetanus vaccination are recommended for travels to South Africa.
  4. Will the students be able to work on any homework assignments while on the trip?
    Education is one of our primary goals and we do not want anyone to fall behind in school. We will make time for students who need to work on assignments. There is also a bit of bus and plane time for them to catch up on school work.
  5. Can our student receive credit with their school for this experience?
    Many of our students arrange to write papers or give presentations to their school/class about his or her Power of One experience. Often, extra credit is received for this. It is worth discussing with the faculty and we are always willing to provide any documentation needed to facilitate this.
  6. What should students bring on the trip?
    Complete packing lists are sent out well in advance to the travel date with needed items and suggested items.
  7. Are letters of recommendation provided by Power of One staff to the students for college applications, jobs, scholarships or internships?
    Absolutely! Just contact us, tell us a bit about what you are applying for and we will customize your letter of recommendation. We love helping our students reach their goals and will do anything we can to be of service!
  8. What is the MIT Program and how do I apply?
    The “Mentor in Training” (MIT) Program is a part of the Power of One available to any student 18 or older or who has already completed a Power of One Program. As future leaders, the MITs are vital to the success of the Program while we are in the host country. They help us ensure that the younger kids are getting the support they need, that everyone is safe and accounted for and they assist in the many responsibilities of running a smooth program. We find the MIT Program very empowering for these individuals and yet another way to find his or her passions, learn about accountability and take the role of a mentor.To apply simply fill out the admission application and make note that you are interested in being an MIT.