Our Mission

The Blue Star of Hope – Power of One Mission

i want to be a teacherWe live in a rapidly changing world, one that demands creative and innovative solutions for building a sustainable quality of life, education, and economic prosperity for all people and creatures. The programs created by Blue Star of Hope serve that purpose.

Our programs foster global understanding and compassion, celebrate cross-cultural similarities and diversities, and promote a consciousness of peace and empowerment while supporting economic prosperity, social progress and ecological integrity for all of earth’s inhabitants. By inviting youth to participate in this process, we lay the foundation for peace in our future.

dreamsThrough interactive educational experiences, Blue Star of Hope encourages children and adults to become socially conscious participants in global collaboration projects. Student ambassadors are selected from all over the world, representing many nations, races and religions. By living and working together, in service to local villages and peoples, the student ambassadors will research, craft and participate in possible solutions to local and global issues. These experiences will prepare and empower the students for future employment and their rightful place in this world as future leaders.

As we work together, our international students realize that all nations are a part of one world family and that they are the new thinkers in today’s global community.

Juelle & Donovan, Founders